• We are the advanced equipment manufacturing enterprises, there is great elevator, air compressor and other 6 subsidiaries hintha. Is a city of hundreds of industrial enterprises leading backbone enterprises, district financial revenue over 10000000000 special contribution award for enterprises, District, and district, vigorously tripod award.

    Xinda is national innovation oriented enterprises, built provincial enterprise technology center and academician workstation, a total commitment to national science and technology projects 13, participate in the formulation of national standards for 23, has authorized patent 476 entries.

    The overall objective
    Overall objective:Cast a century brand, to create a hundred years of business"
    • Enterprise mission

      Technological Innovating and Society Serving

    • Enterprise management idea

      Sincerity Is The Foundation and Innovation Is The Soul

    • Enterprise spirit

      Unity, Pragmatic, Hardworking and Enterprising

    • Enterprise vision

      Based On The Integrity and Innovation Improving Quality, With The Pace Of Faster Growth Than The Market

    • Message from Chairman of BOD

      With its efforts for years,Xinda has made achievements in entering the international market,which is one of its development targets.China's entry into WTO presents a wider stage for us.For its considerable potential,the key to entering the overseas market is understanding the local market demands and conducting a good subsequent marketing and providing excellent technical support.

      Xinda aims to"Build a Century-old Brand and Create a Century-old Xinda"for its long-term development.We will create our own brand through dedicated efforts,Strict quality control and technical,ideological and management innovationgs.

    • Message from President

      Xinda always attaches improtance to and persist in honest operation.We believe that honesty is not merely shown in the legal operation,but also demonstrated in design,manufacturing and after-sale service,etc.When material proces were going up over past years,Xindanever transferred the inflation burden to its clients,but chose to reduce its internal costs and maximally compress its own profit margin.For client's complaint about after-sale service,we always follow the principle of "solution before blame".This may bring unexpected operating cost,but no corporate reputaton should be measured financially.

      Innovation is another focus in Xinda's operation.Xinda has established the provincial research & development center and attaches importance to independent innovation.

    • Xinda heavy 2.5MW and above the permanent magnet direct driven wind turbine projects included in the "national and international scientific and technological cooperation projects"


      176 HOSTING elevator will enter the Iran subway project, is the first to enter the grand elevator products overseas subway project;


      Zhejiang Province won the technological innovation capability hundred enterprises (22);


      Zhejiang Province won the technological innovation capability hundred enterprises (22);


      Won the title of Ningbo city credit management demonstration enterprise;


      To the "five water treatment" fund, donations 2000000 yuan;


      Grand elevator, electric power plant were once again the national Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises;


      Grand elevator won the title of Zhejiang province famous trade name;


      Grand elevator included in the provincial enterprise research institute;


      Hongda elevator industry park construction, the project covers an area of 120 mu, building 50000m2, the new elevator testing tower 165.2m;


      Grand elevator through the GB/T29490 intellectual property management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification;


      Xinda elevator fittings factory for tenth times (1991-2014) won the "national customer satisfaction product";


      Printing machine electronic axis drive high speed drum material printing machine won the Zhejiang province science and technology two, and so on;


      Screw company was the title of the 10 enterprises in china.

    • In 2013, won the Zhejiang Province technological innovation ability hundred enterprises (sixty-first);


      Ningbo City, won the "810 Power Engineering" enterprises;


      Won the Ningbo competitiveness hundred enterprises (twelfth), manufacturing enterprises (fifty-third);


      Won the title of the ten major scientific and technological innovation enterprises;


      Grand lift Sting brand won the ten major brands of China's elevator industry";


      Grand elevator won the user recommended products;


      Xinda elevator fittings factory of rare earth permanent magnet three-phase synchronous motor selected "energy-saving products Huimin project" product "title);


      Xinda elevator fittings factory was awarded the "ten customer trust brand" title;


      Printing machine company FHD multi-function coating composite machine won the first Taiwan (sets) products;


      Printing machine company "high precision coating equipment" included in the Ministry of science and technology support program";


      Printing machine electronic shaft drive high speed web material printing machine won the Ningbo science and technology progress two;


      Production of the first 2MW permanent magnet direct drive wind turbine.

    • 2012, servo motor and drive device technological transformation projects included in the national development and Reform Commission, the third batch of key industries revitalization and technological transformation projects";


      Won the "Ningbo City, hundreds of industrial enterprises leading backbone enterprises", "Ningbo City, the advantages of corporate headquarters," the title;


      Intelligent energy saving elevator technology application research team included in the Ningbo innovation team";


      Grand elevator trademark was identified as China's well-known trademarks;


      Grand elevators successful bid Ningbo Metro Line (phase II) across the board 160 escalator project, the successful bidder Kunming luoshiwan CBD Commercial Plaza (a) 306 Taipower escalator project;


      Grand lift HDH heavy duty escalator included in the national key new products, Zhejiang Province, the first set of equipment manufacturing industry in the field of the first (sets) product title;


      Grand elevator included in Ningbo City, high growth enterprise training list, won the Yinzhou District government quality award";


      Invested 2000000 yuan to set up a grand charity fund named;


      Printing machine company "high precision coating equipment" included in the Ministry of science and technology support program";


      Printing machine company "surface printing quality image detection system" included in the "science and technology innovation fund for small and medium enterprises" project


      Xinda heavy industry cooperation with Germany R & D "2.5MW permanent magnet direct driven wind turbine project" was selected by the national Ministry of science and technology international cooperation project library.

    • In 2011, won the Ministry of science and technology, "national third batch of innovative enterprises" title;


      Awarded the title of "Ningbo city equipment manufacturing industry chain leading enterprises";


      By the Zhejiang provincial academician expert workstation awarding;


      The printing machine company TYAM multifunctional composite coating printing embossing production line projects included in the "national torch plan";


      Screw compressor company was "China compressor manufacturing 10 strong enterprises" title;


      Grand lift HD6000-MRL energy feedback type of inorganic room elevator included in the national key new product project;


      Grand lift HD6000-MRL energy feedback type of inorganic room elevator included in the national key new product project;

    • In 2010,listed as "China's Innovative Enterprise"


      Xinda Printing Machine Company was honored as "China's Hi0tech Enterprise"


      The intelligent printiing machine project was wlected by National Development and Reform Commission S the Key Industrial Rejuvenation and Technical Tendering Project


      won the title of "Ningbo Benchmark Enterprise inCombination of Industrialization and Informationization"


      Five categories and 22 series of products including elevator,escalator,screw air compressor,printing machine,gearless traction machine,etc.were elected as Ningbo's firse group of independent innovative products.


      Elevator and escalator products were listed in Catalogue for First Group of Products in Ningbo's Government Procurement won the title of China's Customer Satisfaction Unit and Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise for 8 consecutive timese

    • In 2009,Xinda Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.was founded


      listed in the "Third Group of Innovative Pilot Enterprises in China"


      obtained the tablet of Ningbo Enterprise Academician Workstation


      won the title of Advance Unit of Harmonious Enterprise Construction in Ningbo


      Hongda Elevator won the title of "Chinese National Torch PROGRAM Key Hi-tech Enterprise"


      Hongda HD6000 machine-roomless elevator was listed in the industrial and technological achievements conversion project of Ministry of Finance Xinda Elevator won the title of"Chinese National Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise"


      The spread press embossing production line won the title of "Ningbo's Best New Industrial Product of Independent Innovation in 2008".

    • In 2008,listed in Ningbo's Key Enterprises in Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Industry


      "Xinda" trademark won the title of"Famous Trademark in China"


      Hongda Elevator's "HOSTING" trademark won the title of"Famous Trademark in China"


      Hongda Elevator's HD6000 machine-roomless elevator project was listed in "Chiinese National Torch Program"


      Hongda Elevator's HD6000 machine-roomless elevator won the title of"Ningbo's Best New Industrial Product of Independent Innovation"


      FWZ high-speed gravure press without shaft drive won the title of "Zhejiang's Firse Unit(set) of product in Equipment Manufacturing Industry"


      Elevator Accessories Factory won the titles of "China's Customer Satistaction Product" and "China's Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise" for 7 consecutive times(1991-2008).

    • In 2007,the 4000㎡ research and development building of technical center was handed over.


      In 2007,the 4000㎡ research and development building of technical center was handed over.


      won the title of"Brand Pursuing for Customer Satisfaction and Creating Excellence" from China Association for Quality


      Afer-sale Service Department won the title of"China's Customer Satisfaction Service Star Team" from China Association for Quality


      won the title of Ningbo "Top 50 Taxpayers" in 2006


      listed among "Zhejiang's Innovative Pilot Enterprises"


      Hongda Elevator's high rise escalator was included in Ningbo's "Key Research and Development Subsidy Program".

    • In 2006,won the title off "China's Top 100 Outstanding Private Scientific and Technical Enterprises"


      Won the titles of "Outstanding Enterprise of Technological Transformation during the 'Tenth Five-year Plan' Patent Model Enterprise"


      The permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine project wa listed in the "Chinese National Torch Program"


      The high-speed gravure press with electronic shaft drive was awarded the golden medal in Zhejiang's industrial design Competition


      Hongda HOSTING elevator was honored as Ningbo's famous-brand product


      AUGUST brand screw air compressor was honored as Ningbo's famous-brand product.

    • In 2005,won the titles of Ningbo's "Top 50 Taxpayers" and Ningbo's "High-integrity Enterprise" won the title of "China's


      Advanced Township Enterprise in Science and Technology"


      Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory won the title of "China's Custorner Satisfaction Advanced Enterprise in Construction Machinery Industry"


      The permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine passed CE certification.

    • In 2004,the Group was listed among "China's Top Ten Enterprises in Hoistiong and Transport Equipment Manufacturing Industry"


      Xinda Company won the title of "Zhejiang's Famous Company"


      The elevator traction machine was elected as Zhejiang's famous-brand product


      invested RMB60 million in the machine-roomless elevator technological transformation project and imported the


      internatonally first-class flexible sheet metal production line equipment

    • In 2003,Ningbo Lebang Electrical Co.,Ltd.was established


      Won the title of "Excellent Hi-tech Enterprise in National Torch Program" from the Ministry of Science and Technology


      Xinda Trademark won the title of"Zhejiang's Famous Trademark"


      YA801200WE high-speed shaftless drive combined gravure press was listed in Ningbo Top Ten Scientific and Technological Progress Projects in2003

    • In 2002,the phase 丨丨丨project with the building area of 40,000㎡ was completed,so the total building area increased to 200,000㎡


      68m height elevator testing tower was put into use won and received the tablet of "Zhejiang's Enterprise Technical Center"


      The variable frequency speed-adjusting elevator traction machine project was listed among the key projects in "Chinese National Torch Program".

    • In 2001,Ningbo Xinda Printing Machine Co.,Ltd.was founded


      Won the title of"Chinese National Torch Program Key Hi-tech Enterprise"


      Obtained the tablet of"Ningbo Enterprise Technical Center"


      The variable frequency speed-adjustiong elevator traction machine was listed among"China's New and Key Products".

    • In 2000,successfully developed China's first permanent-magnet synchronous gearless traction machine


      Won the title of"Ningbo Non-Sate-Operated Economic Double Civilization Enterprise"


      Elevator Accessories Factory won the titles of"China's Customer Satisfaction Produce" and "China's Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise" for four times and twelve consecutive years.

    • In 1999,listed into Zhejiang's"Top Industrial Enterprises" and "Industrial Enterprises with Best Economic Benefits"


      Won the title of "Zhejiang's Advanced Technical Innovation Township Enterprise"


      Won the titles of"Four-star Enterprise" and "Glorious Star" from Ningbo Municipal Government.

    • In 1998,Ningbo Xinda Screw Compressor Co.,Ltd.was founded.


      Won the title of "Zhejiang's Exemplary Private Exemplary Private Enterprise Taxpayer"


      Obtained the right of handling import and export.

    • In 1997,elected as "Ningbo Hi-tech Enterprise".


      In 1997,elected as "Ningbo Hi-tech Enterprise".

    • In 1996,Ningbo Xinda(Group) Co.,Ltd.was founded


      Successfully developed China's first ET160 escalator driving motor.

    • In 1995,"Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Co.,Ltd."was established after restructuring.


      Invested RMB50 million in importing the internationally first-class raction machine production and testing equipment.

    • In 1994,won the title of "Zhejiang's Key Township Enterprise".


      In 1994,won the title of "Zhejiang's Key Township Enterprise".

    • In 1993,Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co.,Ltd.was founded.


      In 1993,Ningbo Hongda Elevator Co.,Ltd.was founded.

    • In 1992,Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Industry Company was founded.


      In 1992,Ningbo Xinda Mechanical and Electrical Industry Company was founded.

    • In 1991,the door lock was honored as "China's Customer Satisfaction Product"


      won the title of "China's Customer Satisfaction Service Enterprise".

    • In 1990,invented the first PB16A door lock in China and obtained the national patent.


      In 1990,invented the first PB16A door lock in China and obtained the national patent.

    • In 1989,joined China Elevator Association.


      In 1989,joined China Elevator Association.

    • In 1987,renamed to "Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory".


      In 1987,renamed to "Ningbo Xinda Elevator Accessories Factory".

    • In 1984,renamed to "Yinxian Elevator Accessories Factory".


      In 1984,renamed to "Yinxian Elevator Accessories Factory".

    • In 1978,started the production of elevator accessories.


      In 1978,started the production of elevator accessories.

    • In 1972,Xinda's predecessor,"Yinzhou Dongwu Xicu Bakelite Machine Repair Plant"was established.


      In 1972,Xinda's predecessor,"Yinzhou Dongwu Xicu Bakelite Machine Repair Plant"was established.

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